Thursday 14 July 2016

A Story About Jesus

True story.  I had to rescue Jesus from the side of the highway last Sunday morning.  His car broke down.  On the way to church.

I was the closest, so I had to go back and get him.  Church just wouldn’t have been the same that morning without Jesus.

Jesus was travelling alone.  And he was behind me, so he was a little late, probably doing something, I guess.  You know Jesus, right?

I should have messaged him and asked if he needed a ride in the first place.  His vehicle hasn’t been all that reliable lately.  This wasn’t the first time it had broken down and left him in the lurch.  I should have offered to take him, but I didn’t.

But there were others who could have taken him, too.  Yeah, so it’s not just me that didn’t think of him.  Or maybe they did and he just wanted some alone time.  Doesn’t matter.  For whatever reason, there was one, so I don’t feel bad about it.

Besides, I’m pretty busy, too.  That’s why I was still the closest.  Everyone else was already at the church or almost there and I was still on my way.  If I hadn’t been, it would have been even further to go to get him.  If we even did.  We probably would’ve been fine without him, but still, good thing I was handy.

When I came for him, Jesus was grateful for the hand.  You could tell he was pretty disappointed in his vehicle, though.  He’d picked it because he thought it was reliable and he could trust it.  He said it’d been around for a while, but hadn’t been used much.

It was a little ways further back than I thought, so we got to the church late.  They started without us.  Thankfully, the leader there didn’t give up on us and got people started so they’d be ready.  Because, of course, it did matter that Jesus was there.  It made a difference to everyone who was there who heard and sang and laughed and clapped and left inspired to share some Jesus in the world.

That is, as I said, a true story.

Last Sunday, the cast of Godspell was participating in the morning service in Camrose, where they were performing that weekend.  Their minister had crafted the service around that.  The actor who plays Jesus did get stuck on the highway, I was the closest person, I did go back for him and we were late.  And we, all of us who were there, were part of something special that everyone took away with them.

I also said that I was going to be telling this story.  Not just because it happened, but because it’s true.  The metaphors abound.

Jesus calls us into a relationship.  We may rely on Jesus, hear the stories of Jesus and speak to the importance of Jesus in our lives, but the way isn’t followed sitting down.  We, as the song says, are the hands and feet of Jesus now.  And, while I suspect most people wouldn’t admit it, it can be easier to leave Jesus stranded on the road than we think.  Please, be the hands and feet of Jesus as much as the mouth.  Move, as much as meditate; participate, as much as ponder   Be Mary as well as Martha.  Because that story’s not really about which way is better, period.  It’s about knowing when which way is better.  Life is about both.

The church hasn’t always been the most reliable vehicle for Jesus, has it?  It’s been around for awhile and it could use a tuneup.  So could you.  Be ready.  Be Jesus.